Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Works on all 2Moons versions & undetected on June 22, 2012.
Tested in Win7 32/64bits – Work.
De.Bug, Raynor, Brian, Slash.d0t
Find the best 2Moons Hack for 2Moons. 2Moons Hacks listed here are verified, updated and are working with the latest game patches and newest updates. We will always keep up with the current 2moons version so you can find the best 2Moons Hack for you.
2MoonsHack Description:
• Move items to bank
• Open boxes automatically
• Sell items automatically
• Teleport to boxes
• Coded by HUMM3R and Killa
• Lua hack logic
• Native protection
• Minimal FPS loss
  • TriggerBot:
    • TriggerBot (Off, On)
    • TriggerStyle (Instanthit)
  • Protection:
    • Threat Warning (Off, On)
  • KeyBinder:
    • KeyBinds (OnPress, OnRelease)
    • HotKey Support
  • Profile System:
    • Profiles can be saved/loaded
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI):
    • Configuration Window with tab menus

    • Step1:- Go to your 2moons folder, edit History.config with notepad, now change the writing to 3.0.2 and save it.- Launch your 2moons, it should start updating, when its on 3.0.5 35/36 click the X to stop it.-Go back to your 2moons folder, you have a new folder called 3.0.5. Go into that folder and delete all of its contents.Step2:- Extract your, you should get three files. Put them all into your 2moons folder.
      - Go into your 2moons>Bin folder, delete dekaron.exe and dekaron_nsse.exe.
      - Now go into your 2moons>Bin>Data folder and delete your usa folder.
      If you have no bin>data>usa, just go into your bin folder make a folder called “data” and inside that make one called “usa” without the “” for both.
      - Now launch the easyhack_2.exe, and install it to your 2moons folder.
      Do not restart your computer.
      - Extract the
      - Go to 2moons>bin>data and replace the usa, with the one you just got from
      - Launch 2moons by the new icon found in 2moons folder or desktop called “2moons-hacked”
      Everytime you play 2moons, you have to launch it by this now.
      To disable these hacks, go to 2moons>bin>data and rename the usa folder to usa1. to re-enable these hacks, rename the folder to usa.
      Hack Descriptions -
      Vac Hack- Lures mobs from all around you to follow and not attack you.
      Wall Hack- Allows you to run through and over objects, such as hills and walls and such.
      Shop Hack (currently not working)- Allows you to set up shop in just about everywhere.
      Speed Hack- Allow you to run at two times your regular speed.
      Monster Speed Hack- Allows your monsters to run at two times regular speed.
      Teleport Hack- Run to 0,0 on your map, and you will be teleported to the next area.
      Pot Hack- Auto pots at the set variable in your options menu.
      2 Moons Hack Download


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